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With The Pandemic Raging, Is It Safe To Go To The Salon?

Wochit Postables
Although it may not seem like it, hair salons are not considered essential businesses. But if they're opening up in your area, should you go? According to Allure, the most important factors to consider are the conditions of your local area and the recommendations made by health professionals. Then, consider whether you can get there on your own, or whether you have to take public transportation. Hint: Going in your own car is better. Don't go if you're feeling even the tiniest bit unwell, and when you're there, wear a mask. Once there, limit your time in the chair. Go for a cut, but not highlights. Or skip the blowdry. Also, remember that many salons are doing away with beverages, scalp massages, shampoos and blowdrys, to limit contact between stylists and customers.