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Study Finds More Americans Dying From Alcohol

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Study Finds More Americans Dying From Alcohol. The analysis can be found in scientific journal, 'Alcoholism: Clinical & Experimental Research.'. The study finds that in 2017, alcohol was responsible for killing 72,000 people over 16 years old. Compared to around 20 years ago, that is double the number of casualties. To get results, researchers used data found on death certificates. Due to certain lack of information on the credentials. the study's authors say the numbers could be higher than what they gathered. Given evidence that death certificates often do not reflect the contribution of alcohol, the magnitude of alcohol-related mortality in the United States is likely much higher than suggested from death certificates alone, Authors, via study. In terms of causes, around half of 2017's casualties related to liver disease and overdoses. Men accounted for the majority of total deaths, but the number of women climbed quicker. The authors also point to other studies that say the number of alcohol-caused hospitalizations are up