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Voter Registration Increased During Black Lives Matter Protests, Study Says

Voter Registration Increased During Black Lives Matter Protests, Study Says. According to TargetSmart, a Democratic political data firm, , voter registration surged in June amid protests over the killing of George Floyd. Despite a full or partial lockdown in large swaths of the country for much of the month, voter registration began to rebound as people took to the streets to protest, TargetSmart analysis. Though not all states have reported registration data for the entire month of June, 1.1 million voters registered in the first half of the month. As a comparison, 1.5 million voters registered in all of June 2016. . Minnesota experienced an increase in voter registration that seems to have continued into July. Voter registration for Democrats nearly doubled in June from 17,000 in 2016 to 32,000 in 2020. Meanwhile, Republican registration essentially flat-lined at 17,000, TargetSmart analysis. Increased voter registration was also likely affected by President Trump's handling of the COVID-19 pandemic, according to TargetSmart CEO Tom Bonier. There's this level of intensity, people are feeling like this situation is being very much mishandled, and if they have the opportunity to go and cast a ballot and put different people in charge. I think we're seeing that in the voter registrations, TargetSmart CEO Tom Bonier, via NBC News