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The World Has a New No. 3 in COVID Deaths

Newser — Polly Davis Doig

Mexico has a grisly new claim to fame: The country of 126 million has now lost 47,472 of its people to coronavirus, making it the country with the pandemic's third highest death toll.

Britain previously held that spot, though it has just over half Mexico's population, but now has recorded 46, 278 deaths as of Sunday. The BBC notes that critics in Mexico are blaming President Andrés Manuel López Obrador for being late to lock down the country on March 23 and early to attempt to reopen it.

Hundreds of thousands of factory workers in Mexico City went back to work in mid-June; that city is the heart of the nation's outbreak. Ten of the nation's governors on Friday blasted the federal government's handling of the pandemic and called for the resignation of coronavirus czar Hugo López-Gatell.

Mexico now only lags the US and Brazil in number of deaths, with 154,449 and 93,563, respectively.

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