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After Some 'Not Nice' Texts, Poetic Justice for Ohio Governor

Newser — Kate Seamons

Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine had to bow out of a planned meeting with President Trump Thursday after he tested positive for COVID-19 in a test administered as part of the protocol for those who were to greet Trump at a Cleveland airport.

But it turns out the 73-year-old Republican doesn't have the coronavirus after all. A second test taken Thursday came back negative—and it's viewed as more accurate than the rapid-results test DeWine took initially.

The second one is a polymerase chain reaction, or PCR, test, and it detects genetic material related to COVID-19. describes his initial test, which looks for antigens, as "a relatively unproven technology." The governor and his wife, who also tested negative, will take a second PCR test on Saturday "out of an abundance of caution." As for the reaction to the initial result, the AP reports DeWine, who was an early proponent of mask-wearing, said he had been sent some “not nice texts” from people saying his diagnosis proves there's no point to wearing masks.

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