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3 Storms Headed Our Way for the Holiday

Newser — Jenn Gidman

According to AAA, upward of 55 million Americans will be journeying away from home during Thanksgiving week—a normally busy time for travelers that looks like it will be compounded by three storms across the nation, reports USA Today.

AAA warns Wednesday afternoon will likely be the worst time to be traveling: The nonprofit says it could take four times as long to get where you're going.

CNN offers details on the upcoming triple threat:

  • Storm No. 1: This weather pattern will begin with heavy rain in East Texas, Louisiana, and much of the Southeast Friday (11/22), working its way up the East Coast through Sunday with rain and snow.

Airports expected to be affected stretch from those in Houston and Memphis, Tenn., all the way up the coast to New York and Boston.

  • Storm No. 2: The Midwest will get slammed Tuesday into Wednesday, bringing rain turning into snow in Chicago, as well as in sections of Michigan and Wisconsin.
  • Storm No. 3: Areas in the West, including much of California and the western part of Arizona, will get drenched with rain Tuesday through Thursday; snow is also expected in the Sierras and Rockies later next week.

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