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Jeopardy! Champ Racks Up 24th Win

Newser — Rob Quinn

"James could not be caught—what else is new?" quipped Alex Trebek after Jeopardy! sensation James Holzhauer scored his 24th straight win on the game show Tuesday night.

The professional gambler won $86,905, bringing his total winnings to $1,867,142, reports USA Today. Holzhauer is relentlessly closing in on the $2,520,700 total winnings record set by Ken Jennings and will cross the $2 million mark before the end of this week if he keeps winning at the same rate.

Former contestant Claudia Walters, who lost to the champ by more than $100,000 lost month, thinks the only person who can stop Holzhauer is Holzhauer himself.

"It's going to actually take James taking himself out," she tells ABC. "He's going to have to make mistakes on some doubles and go all in for him to lose." (His win Monday saved Tom Brady from having to eat a strawberry.)

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