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PayPal Pulling Plug on Alex Jones' InfoWars

Newser — Luke Roney

Another day, another digital banishment for Alex Jones and InfoWars. This time, it's PayPal, which informed InfoWars of the ban on Thursday, saying the site violated "acceptable use policy" by promoting "hate," The Verge reports.

Among other digital platforms that have recently banned Jones—infamous for promoting conspiracy theories, harassing the parents of Sandy Hook shooting victims, and hectoring journalists and politicians—are Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube.

PayPal has given InfoWars 10 business days to find another payment processing platform before it pulls the plug, according to the New York Times noting that PayPal handles all of the InfoWars store's transactions (it sells things like vitamins and InfoWars merch), including donations from supporters.

In a blog post, InfoWars accused PayPal of seeking to "financially sabotage an influential media outlet just weeks before the midterm elections."

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