FTC And Facebook Reportedly Negotiating…

Two anonymous sources told The Washington Post the two are working to negotiate a deal.

UK lawmakers slam Facebook, recommend stiffer…

A parliamentary committee report is recommending that the United Kingdom government increase oversight of social media platforms like Facebook

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Registration Now Open for CES Asia 2019

Dog reunited with owner after 8 month, 175-mile journey

A dog that went missing in Massachusetts months ago has been reunited with its family after being found in Maine, 175 miles away

Return to sender: High court to hear…

The Supreme Court on Tuesday is taking up a case involving an Alabama man who developed a way to process undeliverable mail

Officials: Centralia sinkhole unrelated to underground fire

State environmental authorities say a 100-foot sinkhole found in a central Pennsylvania town almost completely emptied by a decades-long underground fire is unrelated to the blaze

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USS Tulsa commissioned as the US Navy's newest warship

A vessel that bears the name of Oklahoma's second-largest city has been commissioned as the newest warship in the U.S. Navy's fleet. The USS Tulsa was commissioned on Saturday at a pier in San Francisco.

Insider Q&A: Grailed CEO talks about popular men's fashion

If you don't know fashion labels Supreme or Off-White, you've probably also never heard of Grailed, an eBay-like marketplace where those brands can be sold and bought

Brazil mining company evacuates people due to dam risk

Brazilian mining giant Vale say it has evacuated nearly 200 people after inspectors reported signs that a nearby dam holding mining waste could collapse

Pass It On: Grailed CEO on hiring the right people

Pass It On: Grailed CEO Arun Gupta on the importance of hiring the right people

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Fire in slum kills 9 in southeastern Bangladesh

A fire official says a devastating blaze that raced through a crammed slum in southeastern Bangladesh has left at least nine people dead and several others injured

Former coal-fired power plant is demolished in…

A long-shut coal-fired power plant in western Germany has been demolished with the help of more than 200 kilos (440 pounds) of explosives