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Online Petitions Want Michael Vick Removed From 2020 Pro Bowl

Online Petitions Want Michael Vick Removed From 2020 Pro Bowl. Online activists have recently come together to petition against Vick after the NFL announced his involvement in the 2020 Pro Bowl. . The former star quarterback was named one of four captains for the upcoming Jan. 27 game, along with Terrell Davis, Darrell Green and Bruce Smith. . According to one of the petitions, which has over 150,000 supporters, Vick does not “deserve the honor” of being a captain. He is a convicted felon and a known animal abuser ... There are so many players that have made amazing contribution[s] to society, however Michael Vick is not one of them, Via A separate petition on, which has garnered nearly 240,000 signatures, calls the NFL’s decision “a slap in the face to dog lovers.”. Michael Vick should not be placed in a position of honor - the dogs who were tortured and killed deserve to be remembered and honored. Not the man who played a part in their suffering, Via The accusations made in the petitions are in reference to Vick’s 2007 conviction of killing dogs and promoting dog fighting. . Vick was subsequently suspended from the NFL and given a 23-month prison sentence. He returned to the league in 2009, playing on the Philadelphia Eagles for an additional seven seasons