Trump tries to shift blame as virus outbreak…

President Donald Trump and his allies are returning to a familiar playbook by blaming others for the plunge in global markets amid growing fears about the coronavirus outbreak

Is Coronavirus a Pandemic?

The coronavirus seems to be unstoppable, spreading further across the world with little success in containment.

Guy Witnesses Through His Window Pane Things…

This guy witnessed a huge storm taking over his neighborhood through his glass window pane. The storm was so powerful that it uprooted trees and make them fly away along with its flow. Moreover, a few other things were also got displaced drastically during the storm.  

Most People Think Technology Is Moving Too Fast…

Most People Think Technology Is Moving Too Fast, Survey Says According to a survey conducted by American public relations and marketing consultancy firm Edelman, 60 percent think technology is evolving too rapidly. They also believe that due to governments not fully having a grasp on it, regulations are not formally being placed. Over 34,000 people worldwide were used in the communications firm's report. The analysis from Edelman adds that global trust in technology has dropped four percent. In the United States, the decrease is seven percent. Edelman says trust has fallen in 21 out of 26 global markets. 66 percent worry that technology will eventually make them even question their own senses. Edelman's Sanjay Nair, via statement

Fed Chair Powell pledges to use tools to support…

Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell sought to calm fears over the viral outbreak by issuing a rare statement of reassurance that the Fed will “use our tools" to support the economy — a strong signal of a coming interest rate cut

Online Shopping Could Be Worse For The Environment

Analysts claim that online shopping is worse for the environment due to the large volume of smaller orders.

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Billionaire Warren Buffett Ditches His Flip Phone…

Billionaire Warren Buffett Ditches His Flip Phone for an iPhone The 89-year-old investor was previously known for his usage of the older device. Buffett, who recently used a Samsung Haven, says his flip phone is "permanently gone." He now has an iPhone 11, which makes sense considering his 5.6 percent ownership of Apple stock. The iPhone is not his only Apple device. He also has an iPad for checking stocks. Talking with CNBC, Buffett says his iPhone is one of many people have given to him. Smartphones are able to do many things, but Buffett adds he is only using it for phone calls.

Cruise lines, passengers scramble to respond to…

The spread of a new coronavirus from China is disrupting the cruise industry in the midst of its busiest season for bookings

Milk Associated With Increase In Cancer

Dairy milk consumption has been associated with an increased risk of breast cancer.

Twitter Update Lets You Populate Old Threads With…

Twitter Update Lets You Populate Old Threads With New Tweets The update is called "continue thread," and it is available on Twitter's iOS app. Only some users have access for now, and Twitter has not revealed when everyone will get it. To use "continue thread," a composition window becomes available when you write out a new tweet. This window lets you see old tweets and threads, allowing you to pick which one to link with the new message. In the older tweet, "continue thread" is an option in the three dots menu. Once clicked, your latest tweet merges with the past thread.

US judge cancels oil and gas leases on some sage…

A federal judge has cancelled more than $125 million in oil and gas leases sold on public lands that are home to the declining bird species greater sage grouse

6 Habits That Could Be Causing Your Flu Symptoms

Once you get the flu, it can often feel as if you've been sick for ages, that may be because your sickness is still lingering. Here are some habits that could be causing your flu to stick around longer.

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Stadia Is Coming to More Android Devices

Stadia Is Coming to More Android Devices The tech giant has confirmed its game streaming service will be available on a range of Android devices following the Feb. 20 update. The company revealed that “in addition to the Pixel family, Stadia will now support phones from Samsung, ASUS, and Razer.” A WiFi connection is required, while Google reiterated Stadia can also be used on tablets, desktops, laptops and on TVs through Google Chromecast Ultra. Google’s vice president, Phil Harrison, recently confirmed the company is planning a free tier edition of Stadia later this year. Phil Harrison, via statement

FCC proposes fines for phone companies that…

U.S. regulators have proposed fining the four major U.S. phone companies more than $200 million combined for improperly disclosing customers' real-time location to other companies

How To Build a Healthy Romantic Relationship

Every relationship is unique, but to build a healthy and happy relationship, a few key ingredients are needed.

TikTok Is Letting Parents Control How Long Kids…

TikTok Is Letting Parents Control How Long Kids Can Spend on App 'Family Safety Mode' has made its debut in the U.K. It will spread to other areas in the coming weeks. Parents must have their own TikTok accounts to make the feature work. The mode lets parents control how much of the app kids can use, such as restricting certain content. Parents can also limit the amount of messages their child's account receives. Shutting off messages completely is an option too. TikTok blog post, via The Verge

House approves bill to ban the sale of flavored e…

The House has approved a bill to ban the sale of flavored e-cigarettes and other flavored tobacco products

Foods That Beat Fatigue

If you ever go into a food coma after eating or feel like you're running out of energy before the day even begins, it probably has to do with your diet.

Microsoft Partners With Samsung for Cloud-Based…

Microsoft Partners With Samsung for Cloud-Based Game Streaming Service The two companies have come together for the new partnership to create a "premium" streaming experience for gamers. David S. Park, head of Samsung's U.S. marketing team, revealed the news at the launch event for Microsoft's 'Forza Street' game on the Galaxy smartphones. David S. Park, via statment Though nothing has been revealed yet, it has been suggested the partnership could see xCloud come to Samsung's phones. Kareem Choudhry, Microsoft's Project xCloud boss, teased the possibility in a statement to The Verge. Kareem Choudhry, to The Verge

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General Motors to add 1,200 workers at 2 Michigan…

General Motors is adding 1,200 jobs at two Michigan factories to build midsize SUVs and two new luxury sedans

People Worry That Tech Is Moving Too Fast

A new report from communications firm Edelman revealed that public trust in technology has fallen across the world, while concerns for the regulation of the tech industry are rising.

No. 4 Dayton gets A-10 title with 82-67 win over Davidson

Obi Toppin demonstrated his assortment of dunks while scoring 23 points with near-perfect shooting, and No. 4 Dayton clinched the Atlantic 10 title by beating Davidson 82-67 for its 18th straight victory