'An Almond Doesn't Lactate' FDA to Crackdown on…

People For The Ethical Treatment Of Animals, or more commonly known as PETA, has been fighting to stop the mistreatment of animals in the animal agricultural industry for quite some time now. Veuer's Sam Berman has the full story.

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Jay-Z unhappy 'Made in America' leaving…

Jay-Z says he's disappointed that Philadelphia is booting his annual "Made in America" music festival from the city's grandest boulevard

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Walmart Reportedly is Building Its Own Streaming…

Walmart is looking at building its own streaming service, according to a new report. Elizabeth Keatinge has more.

The Most Iconic Movie Posters Of All Time

Here are the most iconic movie posters of all time.

Meghan Markle Has Broken Protocol a Few Times…

Meghan Markle has broke Royal protocol a few times, but Keri Lumm wonders if it really matters.

The Evolution Of Video Games

Video games have influenced our culture and history since 1972. They have evolved from arcade games to consoles to online gaming and smartphones.

Harvey Weinstein asks judge to dismiss Ashley Judd lawsuit

Harvey Weinstein's lawyers say Ashley Judd's allegations that he tried to hurt her career after she rejected him sexually are baseless, and they have asked a judge to dismiss her lawsuit against him

Camila Cabello’s Backstage OUTBURST Explained!

For more Celeb news: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vhKtUQnfqos&t=43s Celebrities can’t do ANYTHING without people questioning them… at least that was the case for Camila Cabello this week. But there was A LOT to question about her… like why the heck was she screaming at her team?

Hit Podcast Sued for Revealing Man's Intimate…

Millions of people know all about John B. McLemore, and that may be a problem. In fact his estate is suing S-Town , one of the most popular podcasts ever, saying it revealed highly personal details of McLemore's sexuality, friendships, and mental-health issues without his consent after he died, Vox reports....

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Omega 3 Supplements May Not Protect Heart Health…

A university review involving over 112,000 people says omega 3 fish oil supplements may have "little, to no benefit" in the fight for heart health.

Gary Beach, who won a Tony in 'The Producers…

Gary Beach, a Broadway veteran whose portrayal of a terrible theater director in "The Producers" won him a Tony Award, has died at age 70.

Model Breastfeeds Daughter on The Runway

Mara Martin is competing to be a Sports Illustrated Swimsuit model, and caught everyone's attention when she breastfed her daughter down the runway. Keri Lumm reports.

Memorabilia from 'The Sopranos' Now Up For Auction

Good news for 'Sopranos' superfans - some show swag is now up for auction. Items are on sale by Steiner Auctions. For example, the autographed fat suit worn by actor Steve Schirripa’s character had an opening bid of $1,000!

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How Kim Kardashian Makes A Million Dollars Per…

For more celeb news: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=klhM0sBTP-E Let’s face it, the Kardashians run the world…or at least their social media does! Kim is fast on the heels of Kylie to also become a Billionaire. You WILL LITERALLY Not believe how quick Kim can make money, honey!

Blockbuster not yet selling Russell Crowe's…

Everything in the Blockbuster video stores closing in Alaska is for sale, except the celebrity jockstrap