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USA Today Breaks With Tradition on 2020 Race

USA Today does not endorse presidential candidates. Or least it didn't, until Tuesday. The newspaper broke with its own tradition and officially backed Joe Biden. "If this were a choice between two capable major party nominees who happened to have opposing ideas, we wouldn't choose sides," reads the editorial. But...

Serbia mulls Russian Defense Ministry presence

Serbia is thinking of allowing the Russian Defense Ministry presence in the Balkan country, something that could further strain its relations with the West

This year's ozone hole over the Antarctic is one…

This year's ozone hole over the Antarctic is one of the largest in recent years. #science #space #earth

Cardi B Deletes Her Twitter Account

Cardi B Deletes Her Twitter Account. The rapper informed followers via Instagram Live on Oct. 17 that she's done with Twitter. She's had enough of her followers criticizing her and harassing Offset. A whole bunch of 15-year-olds telling me how to live my life like I'm mother----ing Ariana Grande or something .., Cardi B, via Instagram Live. ... Like I came from Disney or something, Cardi B, via Instagram Live. I'm so tired that because of y'all I've gotta continuously explain myself, Cardi B, via Instagram Live. Cardi filed for divorce from her husband, Offset, last month, but the couple has since reconciled. Bro, if I work things out, why are you going to this n----- Twitter to harass him? That s--- don't make no f------ sense, Cardi B, via Instagram Live. To be honest with you, my marriage is one of the least worries that I have right now, Cardi B, via Instagram Live. I love my fans and I'm thankful and I'm grateful for everything you do, but some of you really be acting like I sleep with ya, Cardi B, via Instagram Live

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Suspected Culprit Emerges in Mystery 'Havana…

Remember "Havana syndrome"? That's the term often used to describe the weird, inexplicable ailments that began affecting US diplomats in Cuba in recent years. Now two investigative pieces, one by the New York Times and the other at GQ , seek to shed more light on what's happening. Both make clear...

COVID Is Breaking The Hotel Industry

Business Insider reports that the hotel industry will likely not rebound until 2023 or 2024. Hotels bank on receiving half of their revenue from corporate travel. The hotel industry brings in $170 billion annually. The lack of business travel due to the coronavirus pandemic could cost hotels between $8 billion and $23 billion this year. Although Bank of America research estimates that business trips could return as soon as Spring of 2021, the timeline depends on a COVID vaccine. Some hotels are seeing an occupancy rate between 10% and 20%. Most have to hit 50% occupancy to break even.

Fierce winds race around firefighters battling…

Powerful winds are seen blasting firefighters battling the Cameron Peak Fire in Larimer County, Colorado, in footage that was posted on Oct.19. The wildfire is the largest in Colorado history.

Fireball: Visitors From Darker Worlds

Trailer for 'Fireball: Visitors from Darker Worlds' starring Werner Herzog, Clive Oppenheimer

Jokes About 2020 Race Are a Wee Bit One-Sided

What on earth will late-night hosts do if Joe Biden wins in two weeks? An AP story illustrates the problem. A study out of George Mason University counted jokes told about the 2020 race in September by Stephen Colbert and Jimmy Fallon. Out of 469, 455 were about Trump, leaving...

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Killer Peter Madsen Escapes Prison

A Danish man convicted of killing a journalist aboard his homemade submarine in a case that shocked Scandinavia managed to escape from prison on Tuesday—though he was apprehended soon after. Peter Madsen, serving life in prison for the 2017 murder of Kim Wall, escaped from Herstedvester Prison near Copenhagen...

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The Latest: Cough keeps Melania Trump off…

Melania Trump’s return to the campaign trail will have to wait

Rescued wobbly dog is living the spoiled life

This rescue wobbly dog is living the spoiled life.

Letitia Wright Is Struggling With Reprising…

Letitia Wright Is Struggling With Reprising 'Black Panther' Role Without Chadwick Boseman. Wright played the role of Shuri in 'Black Panther.' . She admits to finding it hard to deal with the loss of Chadwick Boseman, who played the titular character, after he tragically passed away from cancer in August. We're just still mourning Chad, so it's not something I even want to think about. , Letitia Wright, to 'Porter' magazine. The thought of doing it without him is kinda strange. We're just grieving at the moment, so it's trying to find the light in the midst of it, Letitia Wright, to 'Porter' magazine. Wright is also set to star in Steve McQueen's anthology series, 'Small Axe,' which will explore the experience of London's West Indian community. . Wright believes that the series will be important in educating British people about the history of anti-racism in the country. I'm so used to seeing other people's culture. Now it's their turn to be educated, Letitia Wright, to 'Porter' magazine. That's one of the reasons why I feel it's so important that we do 'Small Axe' because so many young people, especially young Black people, .., Letitia Wright, to 'Porter' magazine. ... are walking around without the knowledge of what's happened prior, and of the people who were taking a stand, Letitia Wright, to 'Porter' magazine

Here Are the 10 Most Powerful Women in Business

For nearly a quarter of a century, Fortune has published a list of the most powerful women in the business world, but this year the magazine notes it hasn't been "business as usual." Obviously, that's because of the pandemic and the effects it's had upon the economy, and so in...

Photoshop Can Now Identify Doctored Images

People get up early, brave morning rain to vote

Rainfall didn't stop these people from lining up to vote, neither did the early morning hours on Oct. 19, in Parkland, Florida.

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Wander Darkly

Trailer for 'Wander Darkly' starring Sienna Miller, Diego Luna, Beth Grant, Ayden Mayeri, James Landry Hebert

Even OJ Is Piling On Jeffrey Toobin After Gaffe

Jeffrey Toobin's cringe-inducing gaffe is causing quite a stir. Motherboard was the first to report the unfortunate news that the New Yorker writer and CNN analyst began masturbating during a break in a Zoom work call with his magazine colleagues. Toobin has apologized for what he calls his "embarrassingly stupid...

NASA Heads for a 'Historic First'

NASA is finally ready to snatch at an asteroid. After two years of orbiting the near-Earth asteroid Bennu, as tall as the Empire State Building, NASA's OSIRIS-REx spacecraft will touch down Tuesday in the first US attempt to gather asteroid samples. Over 4.5 hours, the SUV-sized spacecraft will descend...