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'I Know It's Terrible': Whoopi Makes Personal…

Whoopi Goldberg takes an unpopular stand on her daytime talk show, and refuses to back down.

Pregnant Woman Killed In Horrific Dog Attack

Authorities are testing 93 dogs to determine which of them attacked and killed a 29-year-old pregnant woman.

US Mass Shooters Have 4 Things in Common

A study of mass shooters has found four factors that connect nearly all of them.

How To Get Paid To Shop For Holiday Gifts

Here’s everything you need to know about getting paid to shop using cash back portals.

Democrat's Live TV Interview Derailed By Nasty…

Democratic Rep. Eric Swalwell was talking to Chris Matthews of MSNBC's Hardball when nature called.

NCAA clears Memphis freshman Wiseman to return on…

NCAA clears Memphis freshman James Wiseman to return on Jan. 12

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Record-Breaking Gamma-Ray Bursts Reveal Powerful…

The MAGIC telescopes in La Palma, Spain reportedly revealed “for the first time the highest energy photons measured from” a gamma-ray burst afterglow.

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Trump Pardoned Him For War Crimes. Now The Navy…

Attorney: Navy trying to oust convicted SEAL after Trump restores his rank.

Eddie Murphy to Receive Career Achievement Award

Eddie Murphy to Receive Career Achievement Award Murphy will receive the honor as part of the Critics Choice Association's Celebration of Black Cinema. The ceremony will be held in Los Angeles on December 2. He will be honored alongside Nia Long, Kasi Lemmons and Chiwetel Ejiofor. Murphy is being recognized following his work on the 2019 drama movie, 'Dolemite Is My Name,' in which he starred as iconic performer Rudy Ray Moore.

Trump Spokeswoman Makes Shocking Claim About…

Press secretary Stephanie Grisham's comment, first made to a CNN reporter, prompted swift denials from ex-Obama officials.

White House Responds to Sondland's Testimony

Ken Starr called Wednesday "one of those bombshell days" after hearing US Ambassador to the EU Gordon Sondland's testimony as part of the House impeachment inquiry. President Trump had a different take: "It's all over." Politico reports that in comments to reporters, Trump had this to say of Sondland: "I...

Smolett Sues Chicago

The actor Jussie Smollett has sued the city of Chicago and multiple police officers for malicious prosecution. Reuters reports that Smolett said they caused him economic harm, mental anguish and distress. Smollett made his accusation in a counterclaim made public on Wednesday. The city is suing him to recoup costs for investigating his alleged false hate crime allegation. Chicago had sued Smollett in April, and the lawsuit is pending in Chicago federal court.

MLB Rising Star Found Dead In Hotel Room

The 23-year-old Minnesota Twins prospect was found dead over the weekend in his New Zealand hotel room.

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Which 'Qualifying Polls' Does The DNC Use To Name…

Poll numbers play a key role in determining which presidential candidates make the debate stage. But not all polls are created equal.

Another Trump Official Resigns In Disgrace

The senior Trump administration official resigned in the wake of a bombshell report from NBC News.

Rain pours into city streets

Some residential streets flooded on Nov. 20, as heavy rains poured in Phoenix, Arizona. Flash flood warnings were issued across the city.


Trailer for 'Ellipse' starring Michelle Medoff, Jack William, Josiah Authier

Jussie Smollett Saga Takes Yet Another Turn

The latest in the Jussie Smollett legal saga: The former Empire actor has countersued Chicago after the city sued him in April in an attempt to recoup the cost of the police investigation into what authorities say was a hoax attack staged by the actor in January. Smollett had already...

Maloney chosen as first woman to lead House…

House Democrats have chosen New York Rep. Carolyn Maloney to lead the powerful House Oversight and Reform Committee

Scientists Are Using Dog Bones To Heal Pigeons…

Scientists in Iran have successfully used the bones of dogs and sheep to heal the fractured wings and legs of pigeons and other birds.

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Not Liking Vegetables Could Be Genetic, Says Study

Not Liking Vegetables Could Be Genetic, Says Study. The study was conducted by researchers at the University of Kentucky School of Medicine and presented at the American Heart Association. According to researchers, "super-tasters" are more sensitive to the bitterness of vegetables, such as Brussels sprouts and dark leafy green vegetables. While we didn't see results in gene type for sodium, sugar or saturated fat, we did see a difference in vegetables, Jennifer Smith, University of Kentucky School of Medicine, via CNN. Super-tasters with the bitterness gene are more than two and a half times more likely to eat fewer vegetables. Experts add that the human sense of taste is more complex than a particular gene. ... it's also smelling through the mouth and the touch, texture and temperature of the food ... So when any of us say the food tastes good, it's a composite sensation that we're reacting to, Valerie Duffy, Professor University of Connecticut, via CNN. Food scientists continue to work towards creating less bitter versions of foods such as Brussels sprouts

50-Year-Old Accusations Lead to a Lifetime Ban

A giant of equestrian sport has been banned for life over sexual-misconduct allegations dating back some 50 years, the New York Times reports. The expulsion of George Morris, 81, was announced Tuesday. "No matter how big a figure is in their sport, or how old the allegations, nobody is above...