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At Least 7 Killed, More Brutally Tortured In…

Seven people, including a pregnant woman and five of her children, were murdered by preachers in a remote area during a bizarre ritual.

Fox News Signs Huge Contract With One Of Its…

With a slew of Fox News stars jumping ship, the network just made sure one familiar face is sticking around for years.

Woman Sent To Prison Over Husband's Bizarre Death

A South Carolina woman has pleaded guilty to fatally poisoning her husband with eye drops.

Doctor Points Out Something Interesting About…

A doctor recently revealed and solved a medical mystery surround Michelangelo’s famous sculpture.

Man Challenges Ex-Wife And Lawyer To A Sword Fight

The man claims that the judge has the power to let the couple "resolve our dispute in the field of battle, legally."

US to screen airline passengers from China for…

U.S. health officials have announced they will begin screening airline passengers from central China for a new virus that is making people sick

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Watch: AOC Shares Video Of Her Puppy Traveling…

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez shared a video of her puppy.

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Meghan Markle's Past Continues To Haunt Her

Meghan Markle's dad is reportedly set to testify against her in the 'trial of the century.'

Snickers Breaks Record for World’s Largest…

Snickers Breaks Record for World’s Largest Chocolate Nut Bar On Jan 16, Snickers, which is owned by Mars, Incorporated, created the world’s largest chocolate nut bar. Weighing over two tons, the giant bar took 15 people to create and is the equivalent of 41,000 single-sized bars. It contains more than 1,200 pounds of caramel, peanuts and nougat, as well as nearly 3,500 pounds of chocolate. According to a statement by Josh Olken, Brand Director at Snickers, this bar is only a small version of the brand’s plans for Super Bowl LIV. Josh Olken, via statement The Snickers must now be consumed in order to be officially recognized by Guinness World Record as the largest chocolate nut bar.

'Dopes and Babies': Book Quotes Trump on His…

A new book about President Trump written by two Washington Post reporters details an incident early in his presidency that might make Trump's critics dislike him even more while simultaneously making his supporters admire him even more. It's from an excerpt of A Very Stable Genius: Donald J. Trump’s Testing...

Democrats Disappointed By Biden's Survival

Joe Biden has disappointed his detractors. They expected him to implode and tank his chances for the Democratic nomination. But, he hasn't. He's polling in first place in most polls. According to Politico "the landscape is tilting more in his favor." Biden's critics have been surprised at his resilience. No one is betting on an implosion anymore.

Dogs Trained To Rescue Koalas From Australian…

Ryan Tate's conservation detection dog Taylor is trained to find injured koalas.

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Winter's impact on animals at the zoo

With winter in full swing, crews at the Pittsburgh Zoo in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, are making sure the animals are comfortable and safe.

Greed (US Trailer 1)

Trailer for 'Greed' starring Asa Butterfield, Isla Fisher, Sophie Cookson, Shirley Henderson, Steve Coogan

Monica Lewinsky Is Not Enjoying Her Friday

Good thing the weekend is upon us because Monica Lewinsky needs a break. "This is definitely an 'are you f---ing kidding me' kinda day," Lewinsky tweeted before noon Friday, per the Daily Beast . The outlet suggests the statement came in response to news that Ken Starr, the former independent counsel...

Lawyers: ICE arrests trans migrant woman month after release

Lawyers for a transgender woman from El Salvador who won her release from immigration detention say she has been arrested and taken back to the same New Mexico facility because the U.S. government is appealing a judge's decision

'Are You F***king' Kidding Me?' Monica Lewinsky…

Monica Lewinsky reacted to Friday's headline-making news.

BTS Drops New Single 'Black Swan'

BTS Drops New Single 'Black Swan' The K-Pop superstars previously announced that they will be releasing their next album on Feb. 21. They've given fans a taste of what's to come with the new song. The new track, which follows the Suga-led interlude, "Shadow," is accompanied by an art film performed by MN Dance Company. According to a press release, the track is about BTS facing "the shadows they had once hidden." Via press release Via press release 'Map of the Soul: 7' is the fourth studio album for the "Boy With Luv" hitmakers. It follows their 2019 chart-topping EP, 'Map of the Soul: Persona.'

McSally Slams CNN, but Gets Pressed on Fox News

Republican Sen. Martha McSally made some impeachment news of her own Thursday when she rejected a question from CNN reporter Manu Raju and called him a "liberal hack." The conservative Arizona senator even tweeted a video of their exchange, in which Raju attempted to ask her in a hallway whether...

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'Dolittle' Could Be An Epic

"Dolittle" made under $1 million at the domestic box office in Thursday previews. The movie costs $175 million to make. The film is destined struggle to earn that back after what is expected to be a disastrous opening weekend. The movie stars Robert Downey Jr.. It has been in development for years. It has an abysmal 18% critic score on Rotten Tomatoes. Business Insider said this is another major misfire for the studio Universal after "Cats" bombed critically and financially.

Iran Supreme Leader Delivers Rare Sermon, Defends…

The speech comes a little over a week after the country launched missile strikes on two air bases housing U.S. and coalition troops in Iraq.