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Amanda Knox Is Crowdfunding A Very Unusual Wedding

Having spent her wedding fund on a return trip to Italy and detour to the French Riviera, Amanda Knox is asking well-wishers to contribute up to $10,000 each for her nuptials.

Man pleads guilty in brutal 1998 killing of…

A Montana man has pleaded guilty to the brutal murder of an 18-year-old woman more than two decades ago and the attempted murder of another woman during the same time period

Meet Bob Hoffman, The Harmonica Case Man

Bob Hoffman collects harmonica cases, which he has commissioned from local artists, as well as finding them while traveling.

Senate Passes Bill To Extend 9/11 Victim…

President Trump is expected to sign it on Friday.

Kylie & Kendall CLASH Over New Trademark! Hailey…

Kylie and Kendall Jenner are now at odds after Kylie trademarks Kylie Nail Line! Hailey Bieber posted a special picture and caption on Selena Gomez’s birthday and we are breaking it all down! All this and more on an all new Daily Rewind!

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Documents: $6 million to Armstrong family in…

Court documents show that an Ohio hospital paid the estate of astronaut Neil Armstrong $6 million to settle allegations that post-surgical complications led to his 2012 death

Diplomats' brain scans show differences, add to Cuba mystery

Brain scans find differences in US diplomats who worked in Cuba and reported health problems but significance unclear

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Insurers offer competing plan to rescue PG&E from bankruptcy

A group of insurers that say Pacific Gas & Electric owes them more than $20 billion from wildfire claims wants to take over the California utility and pull it out of bankruptcy

Airport contract extended with collapsed bridge builder

The construction company that was building a pedestrian bridge that collapsed and killed sixed people has won a contract extension for projects at Miami International Airport

What New Shows Can Replicate The Success Of 'Game…

Every streaming company wants to create the next "Game of Thrones" — and they're willing to invest millions.

DOJ Launches Antitrust Investigation Into Big…

The Justice Department is looking to see if big online platforms have hurt competition, among other things.

Hailey Bieber Shares A Special Post To Justin…

Hailey Bieber ignores Selena Gomez’s birthday and the haters all in one Instagram post with Justin. And for those of you who are going to come for me saying she just wanted to post a pic with her husband…then explain to me why she limited the comments. Trust me she knew what she was doing. And don’t worry Selenators…I know Selena could care less because we’ve now learned she’s in Italy continuing to live her best life. PLUS…we also have to talk about Selena’s bestie Taylor Swift along with Ariana Grande because while those ladies might disagree about Scooter Braun…that’s not stopping them from grabbing the most MTV VMA Noms. I’m talking about all of these power house females right now so stay right there.

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GOP, Dems offer compromise to reduce drug costs…

Senators unveil bipartisan compromise to reduce drug costs for people with Medicare

Planetary Society's solar sail appears to deploy properly

Mission officials say a tiny spacecraft orbiting Earth appears to have successfully unfurled its solar sail to test the potential of using sunlight for propulsion

Researchers: No new graves at former Florida reform school

Researchers studying underground anomalies at a former Florida Panhandle reform school known for horrific abuse and dozens of unmarked graves say recently discovered earth disturbances don't contain human remains

Neighbors Form Human Chain to Protect Man From ICE

As Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents attempted to detain a man suspected of being in the country illegally Monday, his neighbors intervened in a big way. They, along with activists from the Tennessee Immigrant & Refugee Rights Coalition, gathered in the Hermitage, Tennessee, yard and delivered water to the man...

Man with knife shot, wounded outside LA federal…

Authorities say a man with a knife has been shot and wounded outside a federal courthouse in downtown Los Angeles

'The Lion King' Breaks A Record, But Reviews Aren…

The Disney remake raked in $185 million its opening weekend, but critics and movie-goers seem split on whether it holds up to the original.

FBI Director: Russia Still Intent On Interfering…

​FBI Director Christopher Wray said "Russians are absolutely intent on trying to interfere with our elections."

Riverdale’s Lili Reinhart & Cole Sprouse BRE…

Fans REFUSE to believe that Lili Reinhart and Cole Sprouse have actually gone their separate ways…and we’re looking into it. PLUS…while one Riverdale relationship might be ending another one is just beginning. Sorry Archie lovers…but it looks like KJ Apa is officially off the market.

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FDA warns top marijuana company for making CBD…

U.S. regulators issues warning to leading marijuana company for making unproven health claims about CBD

Tornado hits Cape Cod as thunderstorms break the…

A tornado that tore across Cape Cod has put an exclamation mark on a wave of storms that broke the heat in the Northeast and Midwest