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Celebs Take To The Streets For Historic…

From Jamie Foxx and John Cusack to Emily Ratajkowski, many celebrities decided to do more than just tweet about their outrage over the killings of black people at the hands of police.

Cause Of Death Released For 'Twilight' Actor

Authorities in Las Vegas have released the cause of deaths for an actor from the film 'Twilight' and his girlfriend.

New Poll Suggests Trouble for President Trump

Big swing toward Biden has Trump campaign worried as America burns during protests.

Trump Wants To Label Leftist Protesters As A…

President Donald Trump said the government will label anti-fascist group Antifa a terrorist organization.

Cops Abandon Their Side Of The Line To Join With…

Officers across the country shared messages of unity and support for protesters.

Man At The Center Of Massive TV Scandal Dies

The whistleblower of early television whose confession to deliberately losing on a 1950s quiz show helped drive a national scandal has died.

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Farmer's Killing Was 'Incomprehensible' — Until…

A small community has spent nearly 30 years searching for answers in a farmer's brutal killing.

Artist Loved Worldwide Dies At 84

The artist was known for massive, ephemeral public arts projects.

Beloved ‘The Flying Nun’ Star Dies At 95

The Emmy nominated actress appeared on 80 episodes of "The Flying Nun" as well as several hit movies.

Is This Animal Responsible For Passing…

Officials believe they have detected the first likely case of the coronavirus jumping from an animal to a human.

Louisville Police Chief Fired After Black…

The officers involved in a Monday shooting that left a black Louisville business owner dead did not have their bodycams turned on—a revelation that has led to the firing of the police chief. Louisville Mayor Greg Fischer announced Monday that Steve Conrad had been relieved of duty, NBC News...

EU says Russia should not yet rejoin G7, despite…

The European Union says U.S. President Donald Trump as host of an upcoming Group of Seven summit can invite who he wants but that Russia should not be allowed permanently back into the fold

10 Fascinating Facts About Neil deGrasse Tyson

Celebrity astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson is often seen hosting shows, doing interviews, and talking about the universe we live in, but, beyond that, how much do you know about him? For example, were you aware that he once considered becoming an exotic dancer? Or that he influenced what the night sky in the 3D version of “Titanic” looks like?

Independent Autopsy Rules George Floyd's Death a…

Independent Autopsy Rules George Floyd's Death a Homicide by 'Asphyxiation' According to CNN, an independent autopsy was performed on George Floyd's body after the Hennepin County Medical Examiner found "no physical findings" to "support a diagnosis of traumatic asphyxia or strangulation." The new autopsy says that Floyd's death was a homicide and that he died of "asphyxiation from sustained pressure." Ben Crump, attorney for the Floyd family, says that Floyd was practically "dead on the scene" after ex-police officer Derek Chauvin knelt on his neck. Attorney Ben Crump, via CNN Chauvin has since been charged with third-degree murder and second-degree manslaughter, but Crump and other supporters say he should be charged with first-degree murder. Medical Examiner Dr. Michael Baden, via CNN

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Trump's Walk to Church Is a Polarizing Moment

After President Trump's dramatic threat to bring out the military to quell protests , he walked from the White House to nearby St. John's Church, where he posed for photographers while holding a Bible. Before he did so, police used tear gas to clear his way, disbursing protesters from Lafayette Square...

Uber, Lyft, and Lime Suspending Services In…

Uber and Lyft said they'll suspend rides and deliveries in cities where curfews are issued. Over the weekend, Uber temporarily shut down in parts of country says Business Insider. California, Minnesota, New York City, Los Angeles, Washington D.C. and others have enacted curfews. Rentable scooters have also become a mainstay of protests. Lime says it's removing vehicles from select cities. The companies hope to discourage people from using their companies to get to protests.

Gilead Shares Early Results Of Remdesivir Trial…

Patients given remdesivir for five days had improved symptoms compared to those who were only given standard care.

Possible meteor explodes in the sky

Home security footage recorded the moments a large bang, followed by a flash of light, occurred in the skies over Altoona, Pennsylvania, on June 1.


Trailer for 'Pulse' starring Caroline Brazier, Daniel Monks, Scott Lee, Sian Ewers, Isaro Kayitesi

Cops Shot, People Killed as Unrest Continues

As protests over the death of George Floyd, and other black people, at the hands of police continued Monday night, Floyd's brother pleaded for calm. Dropping to his knees at the Minneapolis storefront where Floyd fought for his final breaths as a police officer kneeled on his neck, Terrence Floyd...

Adam Sandler Had Scary On-Set Accident

The actor won critical acclaim for his role as Howard Ratner in 'Uncut Gems,' but he almost didn't live to see it.

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6-Year-Old Makes Unbelievable Discovery

A six-year-old boy found an object that dates back to the late Bronze Age at Israel’s Tell Jemmeh archaeological site.

Another High-Profile Republican Hit With Twitter…

Twitter slapped a warning label on a tweet from another high-profile Republican on Monday. This time it was Rep. Matt Gaetz, a congressman from Florida whom Politico refers to as "one of President Donald Trump’s fiercest allies." After Trump said the US would declare antifa a terrorist organization , Gaetz tweeted...

EU, UK leaders to meet as post-Brexit talks stall

The European Union’s top executive and British Prime Minister Boris Johnson will meet this month for talks that could give new momentum to the stalled post-Brexit negotiations