Gadgets: Wireless stereo system, rocks and rollsAugust 26, 2015 12:16pm

Aug. 24-- I'd never heard of German audio company Thonet & Vander until a representative introduced me to the Ratsel BT stereo system.

The five-piece wireless (Bluetooth) system is not just another wireless speaker and you'll agree as soon as you crank it up.

First, it can't fit in your pocket like many wireless speakers and you wouldn't want it to, especially since it weighs 17 pounds. It's built as a complete stereo system and it sure achieved that and some.

The music originates from your smartphone or tablet and after pairing via Bluetooth, you'll hear the powerful, amazing sound.

You can control everything from the wireless remote or a free standing control box-both are include. Functionality includes volume, mute, skipping and pausing selections and adjusting bass and treble levels.

The other three pieces are a subwoofer and a pair of speakers.

The subwoofer is built with Hammer Bass, which the company states is technology to heighten the impact of low frequencies.

The system includes Antimagnetic Shield technology to block external interferences and sounds. The exterior is designed with a good-looking, high-density wood to maximize acoustic performance.

A recent press release referred to the system as a virtual surround sound system, which makes total sense now.

If you want a direct connection there are RCA stereo inputs and it also supports NFC pairing.

It has a frequency response of 30Hz-20kHz if that means anything to you. To me, it means this system rocks and rolls, even if that statement shows my age. $199


With the incredible popularity of the GoPro camera system, users will have ample opportunities to use the MXL Lavalier stereo microphone, built specifically for the action camera system.

It's simple to use and compatible with the GoPro Hero3, Hero 3+ and Hero4 cameras as well as many GoPro accessories and cases.

The design is great with a built-in low profile right angle mini USB connector on the microphone's five-foot cable. This allows it to sit flush and avoids potential damage.

Aside from plugging it in, there's no addition setup involved. A pair of noise-minimizing windscreens and a shirt clip are included. $74


Scosche's MagicMount XL surface mounting system for smartphones and tablets has no hidden tricks, it just works great.

You use it to mount your devices to a wall, floor, desktop or most importantly a dashboard for hands free use while driving.

When it's mounted you can adjust its angle in any direction when in either portrait or landscape positions.

To install, just peel off the adhesive covering on the bottom and hold it in place on a flat surface for 30 seconds.

Then take the included high-powered magnetic system, which is made of device-safe neodymium magnets and place that between your device and its case or directly on the back of your device and hold it near the mounted magnetic surface to secure it.

I tried it with the smaller smartphone magnetic plate, which measures about 1.26-by-1.1-inches in diameter and is ultra thin.

I'm sure you can use an adhesive to secure the plate on the back of your device itself or its case but I didn't find it necessary. I placed mine between my thin case and the back of my phone and never had an issue of it holding in place. $24.99


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