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Israel's Lieberman blames Hamas over Gaza deaths

Israel's defense minister says Hamas rulers are the "only culprits" in Gaza bloodshed, as demands grow for investigating the Israeli military's use of lethal force

Queen Elizabeth II to attend pop concert for 92nd…

Queen Elizabeth II is marking her 92nd birthday with a star-studded concert in London

Swaziland is now called 'eSwatini'

At a celebration marking 50 years of independence from Britain, Africa's last absolute monarch announced he is renaming his country to the "Kingdom of eSwatini."

This Medicine Cabinet Staple Could Prevent Dying…

Researchers out of the University of Arizona say a simple aspirin could help mitigate the effects of grief and bereavement.

International Investigators Arrive At Suspected…

Western governments say Douma, Syria, was the site of a chlorine gas attack by President Bashar al-Assad.

Iran's president slams morality police's tactics with women

Iran's state TV is reporting that the country's president has criticized the morality police's use of violence against women failing to observe the national Islamic dress code

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French nun known as allied troops 'White Angel…

French authorities say a 103-year-old nun known as the "White Angel" who helped allied soldiers during a failed 1942 raid in the Normandy region has died

Source: Kim Jong Un calls off nuclear tests

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un said the regime no longer needs nuclear tests or intercontinental ballistic missile tests, state-run KCNA reported Saturday. CNN's Will Ripley has the story.

Beyoncé Fan Learns Coachella Routine In 40 Minutes

Looks like Beyonce might have a new backup dancer to recruit. Buzz60's Natasha Abellard has the story.

Palestinians Continue 'Return' Protests Along…

The demonstrations are planned each week on Friday and will culminate on May 15.

Accepting rights award, Kaepernick decries…

Amnesty International gave former NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick its Ambassador of Conscience Award on Saturday for his kneeling protest of racial injustice that launched a sports movement and might have cost him his job

Chemical weapons inspectors collect samples from…

Global chemical weapons watchdog says it has collected samples from Douma, Syria, two weeks after suspected chemical weapons attack.

Outrage after 'morality police' confront woman

An amateur video shows a member of the "morality police" physically confronting a woman in Iran. The video went viral, triggering a response from the Iranian government.

Neil DeGrasse Tyson Says Asteroid Mining is the…

The nation of Luxembourg has decided to begin investing in the future of space mining. Tony Spitz ha the details.

North Korea Says It Will Stop Missile, Nuclear…

The country also says it will close down one of its nuclear test sites.

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Prince Charles Stuns Writer With 'Racist' Remark

Prince Charles has roused a Guardian reporter's ire by allegedly making a racist remark about her, People reports. Anita Sethi met Charles this week at the Commonwealth People's Forum, and when she told him she's from Manchester, he apparently said, "Well, you don't look like it!" and laughed. Sethi, a...

Red Cross says shooting in Yemen kills staffer

The International Committee of the Red Cross says a staff member has been killed in a shooting in Yemen

Germany's Real-Life Disney Castle

Perched atop a forestry hill in Bavaria, Germany, is a real-life fantasy castle. Commissioned by King Ludwig II in 1869, Neuschwanstein Castle inspired Walt Disney's 'Sleeping Beauty.'

Americans’ Favorite Pizza Toppings

Food delivery service Caviar did a survey of Americans' favorite pizza toppings. Elizabeth Keatinge has more.

Russia Told US What To Avoid Bombing In Syrian…

The U.S.-led airstrikes avoided crossing all of Russia's so-called "red lines."

Hamas vows revenge for key member killed in…

Hamas militant group says a man gunned down in Malaysia was one of its members and accuses Israel of killing him

India approves death penalty for rape of young…

India's government has moved to prescribe the death penalty for people convicted of raping girls under the age of 12 to combat an increase in crimes against women

Saving India’s Most Sacred River

Each year, about 8 million tons of flowers are dumped into India’s rivers. The HelpUsGreen organization collects the waste flowers and upcycles them into products

How did 4/20 Become Known As The 'Marijuana…

How exactly did the random date of April 20th and weed get tied together? Buzz60's Natasha Abellard has the story.

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Prince Charles Reportedly Approved To Be Next…

Commonwealth leaders made the decision Friday during a meeting at Windsor Castle, according to several local media reports.

Irish premier launches bid to overturn abortion…

Ireland's premier has urged his country to show compassion as he launched a campaign to overturn some of the strictest abortion rules in Europe

The Latest: OPCW team visits Douma to probe chemical attack

The global chemical weapons watchdog says a team of inspectors has visited the Syrian town of Douma to collect samples for an investigation into an alleged chemical weapons attack there two weeks ago