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5 Cheap Things to Do With Kids When School Is Out

It's all too easy to spend a fortune to keep your kids occupied during school breaks. Camps are expensive, and the cost of a family vacation adds up quickly once you factor in transportation, lodging, meals out and activities. For budget-conscious parents, there are affordable alternatives. Take a look at five cheap (and fun!) things you can do with your kids when school is out.

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1. Plant something

Herbs and vegetables planted in the spring will grow through the summer.

Cost: $2.50/packet of seeds at

2. Have a water balloon fight

Kids love to soak each other, not to mention their parents, with water balloons.

Cost: $1/pack of balloons at Dollar Tree

3. Be Jackson Pollock

Create a masterpiece in the spirit of the artist known for splatter painting.

Cost: $21 for canvas, paint and brushes at Michaels (free if you use old cardboard and leftover house paint)

4. Hold an egg toss

Yes, it's messy, so do this outside and have a hose nearby for quick cleanup.

Cost: 39 cents/dozen at Aldi

5. Shop at a dollar store

Give kids a budget and let them figure out what they can buy without going over.

Cost: $5/kid is plenty

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