Basics of Money


Growing a Fund Portfolio

In this tutorial you'll learn how funds work and how to select the right funds for your goals. We've also included tips on record keeping and tackling your taxes. Finally, you can look over examples of well balanced portfolios of good performing funds in Kiplinger's portfolio picks.

Why Mutual Funds?
Funds offer plenty of benefits for busy investors. Here's a quick review of how they can work for you.

Sales Loads and Other Charges
Learn about the expenses funds charge and which ones you can avoid.

Focus on Categories
A fund's performance depends on what it buys. Each category carries its own level of risk ... and reward.

Build a Solid Portfolio
A balanced collection of funds will serve you better than a collection of the latest high fliers.

Plus: Kiplinger's Portfolios

Start Your Search
From first choice to final check, here's how to find the best funds for you.

Tips for the New Fund Owner
What paperwork to keep, how to track your investments and when to say "sell."

Hang onto Your Profits
Keeping careful records, and understanding cost-basis rules will prevent you from overpaying your taxes.

Adapted from Kiplinger’s Practical Guide to Your Money, by the Editors of Kiplinger’s Personal Finance magazine (Kaplan Publishing. Copyright 2005 The Kiplinger Washington Editors, Inc.) Available wherever books are sold or direct at

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Basics of Money

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