Ad Placement Opportunities

Target the consumer with integrated packages
Advertising messages on WOW! can be targeted to our popular consumer channels.

Homepage Banners
On the most heavily trafficked page, WOW! advertisers can leverage a 300x250 banner in order to maximize reach (unique users).

Webmail Banners
Advertisers can maximize online promotional efforts through a 160x600 banner that resides inside webmail.


Advertisers can maximize branding efforts through sponsorships that reside on the
Homepage as well as on sub pages and in components.

Creative Specifications

  • Homepage: 300x250 pixels - 30K maximum file size
  • Sub pages: 300x250 pixels - 30K maximum file size
  • Webmail: 160x600 pixels (Skyscraper) - 30K maximum file size
  • 728x90 pixels (Leaderboard) – 30K maximum file size
  • Sponsorships: Contact us for specific Homepage, sub page, and component sponsorships.
  • Formats Accepted GIF, HTML, or some rich media

Our Advertising Team - Contact Us

National Ads - For National WOW! advertising or sponsorship opportunities, please contact

For other WOW Media advertising opportunities, including advertising on Cable and Video On Demand, click here.